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Online Payroll & HRM Software for Aruba

New Online Payroll & HRM Software ‘Celery’

Financials4Rent likes to use today’s modern technologies and we also strive to offer our clients the best payroll service available. For this reason, we have decided to use Celery payroll & HRM software to process your payroll per January 1, 2019.

Celery is a so-called web-app. That means that the program is available online through internet. This software offers a lot of advantages in comparison with the software that we previously used. Various tests show us that Celery is up-to-date and that all required current legislation is processed correctly.

Online pay slip

With the Celery web-app, your employees can e.g. view their own pay slip online and/or download it. If you want your employees to receive a notification by email that they could see their pay slip online, we ask you to provide us the names of your employees and their personal email addresses. We advise you to not inform us their business email address, but rather their personal email address like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. accounts. This is because employees that have left the company, will receive an email later this year that their Annual Statement (Loonopgaaf/Loonbelastingkaart) is stored online in their Celery account. Your employees will receive an email invitation from Celery Messenger to activate their personal account with username and password. It is advisable to inform your employees of this email to activate their Celery account, that will be received from Celery Messenger. If they do not receive this email, they will probably find this email in their spam folder. In that case please ask your employees to ‘un-spam’ Celery Messenger emails so they will receive future email without any problems.

Without your message indicating another date your employees will be receiving their message on the 25th of each month that their pay slip is available online. Employees will receive this message at 9 o’clock in the morning on the date that it is indicated.

Online payroll documents

Besides the pay slips other periodic payroll documents like the salary journal and the wage tax and SZV declarations are also stored online in your employer Celery account. So, you will not receive any emails that include payroll documents. Through internet, you can check your payroll documents online always and wherever you are. You do not need to download these documents or save them on your own computer anymore. By doing so, access to this confidential payroll documents by unauthorized persons is not possible anymore.

If you have not yet registered as an employer in Celery, Celery will shortly send you an email to activate your Celery employer account and you will have to choose your own password. In the future you will receive an email when the periodic payroll documents are stored online.

Password selection

Celery checks when registering your password if your password choice is weak or strong. If you have entered a weak password according to Celery but you wish to use it anyway, we advise you to enter the weak password twice with a space in between (example: welcome welcome). Using a space usually makes a strong password from a weak password.

All your documents safe

Your periodic payroll documents will no longer be sent by (unsafe) email. However, you will receive a message from Celery that your documents are ready online and then by clicking on the link that was sent, and after entering your password, the documents can be viewed and/or downloaded. However, as mentioned before downloading is not necessary anymore because your documents are safely stored online and can always be consulted.

Celery is 100% safe, because all of our documents are protected by special internet security certificates (data encryption), which are also used for their online applications by banks and insurance companies. Celery data is locally managed in the Tier-III datacenter E-Commerce Park Vredenberg and thus falls outside the ‘hurricane zone’ and outside the US Patriot legislation.

Uploading the periodic salary changes/mutations online

From now on it is also possible to send us your salary changes online through Celery. Through your own Celery account and by clicking the button ‘add‘ in ‘Documents‘ you can upload the periodic payroll changes and hours file. This new way of informing us regarding the changes and hours has the advantage that these changes and the payroll documents are both stored and available online in the same place.

‘Add-on’ HRM module

Celery offers employers of which their payroll is processed in Celery, the possibility to make use of an HRM-module. So, we will process your payroll, but you can make use of a lot of handy HR-tools that can save you a lot of time.

This HRM module includes the following options:

  • Online complete and secure employee database including storage of contracts, photos, CVs, copies of ID/sedula, diplomas and certificates and year-end reports and interviews;
  • Online requests of time-off by the employees, online vacation planner and calendar;
  • Absence management / absenteeism statistics;
  • Online work schedule, and distribution among the affected employees;
  • Online distribution of company policy documents and a quickly share of important internal communications and
  • Logging inspection to register who has changed the employee data on what date.

If you wish to make use of this HRM module, you can try this option for free for one month. Please find attached more information regarding the Celery HRM-module. Contact us for this option and the costs of this HRM module.

Activate your Celery account

In the coming period, you will receive an email of Celery Messenger to activate your Celery account with your own password. The first time Celery email may end up in your spam folder, with the request to keep an eye on your spam folder and possibly add Celery emails to your ‘safe list’.

Internet browser

Celery operates in all internet browsers. However, Celery works best in Google Chrome browser which you can download for free on the internet. If you use Google Chrome, you will have the best results of Celery.

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