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Interim Finance Professionals 4 Rent

Experienced candidates for temporary finance positions in Aruba

In search of a temporary recruit for your finance department? We offer the experienced interim professional you need at any point in time.

Qualified finance professionals can be very difficult to find. Financials4Rent provides service in Aruba with highly skilled, reliable interim finance executives for both full-time and part-time positions. We can deliver on short notice and for any desired period.

Financials4Rent solves the following workplace challenges:

Temporary replacement
Seasonal or project-based support
Temporary fill of expertise gaps
Clearing of bookkeeping backlogs

Depending on the scope, requirements, and size of your project, we can fill your position on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Positions we can fill, include the roles of:

  • Accounting assistant
  • Accounting manager
  • Administrative assistant
  • Accounts payable officer
  • Accounts receivable officer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Cost accountant
  • General ledger accountant
  • Head accounting
  • Head finance
  • Finance manager
  • Financial administrator
  • Financial controller

Temporary replacement

Unfilled key positions can impact your business in many ways. Preventable errors or mishaps are more likely to occur and backlogs are known to amass quickly. Especially when other staff members lack the skills or time required for the extra job.

With Financials4Rent both expected and unforeseen gaps in your team are easily filled. To secure the continuity of core activities in your finance department, we offer temporary replacements at any level.

We can cover for roles ranging from accounting assistant to head finance in case of:

  • sickness leave;
  • maternity/paternity leave;
  • temporary lay-offs;
  • holiday breaks;
  • end of employment.

Rent temporary replacement

Seasonal or project-based support

For most businesses, the workload of their finance department is not the same all year round. Seasonal influences and special projects can cause substantial fluctuations in the number of tasks at hand. Financials4Rent offers high-level assistance to your team in these situations.

- Seasonal staffing:

Seasonal increases in demand can put a lot of pressure on existing teams but expanding your permanent workforce is not always the most lucrative solution. In order to adapt to temporary changes seamlessly, our interim finance professionals can lend a hand.

Rent seasonal assistance

- Project assistance:

For short-term projects a permanent recruit may not be necessary or too costly. Our interim professionals can assist when major projects are underway, such as acquisitions, integrations or system changes and implementations. We can also offer temporary help for projects that require specific expertise, like process improvement projects.

Rent project assistance


Temporarily fill an expertise gap

If your finance department lacks a certain skill that is temporarily required, we can fill the void. We offer temporary assistance for specific bookkeeping tasks such as:

  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting
  • Bookkeeping reviews (monthly or yearly)
  • Payroll reviews (monthly)

Rent a professional with the skill you need

Clearing bookkeeping backlogs

If your organization faces any backlogs, the interim professionals of Financials4Rent can come to the rescue.

We help your finance team organize the piled up accounting transactions or records, reconcile long outstanding bank accounts, or assist in other (long) overdue bookkeeping-related matters.

Rent backlog clearing professional


We can match you with interim professionals with qualifications in:

  1. Financial controlling
  2. Year-end closings
  3. Cost accounting
  4. Cash flow reporting
  5. Business processes, procedures and standards

Our professionals have minimum bachelor’s degree, are fluent in English, Spanish, and Dutch, and have relevant experience between 3 to 20+ years.

Contact us to find the perfect match for your interim job

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